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Our Vision:

1.    Spread the awareness of the need for Financial Planning for every earning individual including retirees.

2.    Our Vision is to make Financial Planning a habit to customers across all age groups.

3.    To be the most trusted Family Financial Life Planner to all our valued customers.


Our Mission:

1.    To all our customers, we will be a Reliable Financial Solutions Provider and a one stop shop for A to Z in Financial                   Planning & Services.

2.    Our company will strive to make the customer happy, peaceful & satisfied that he has got the best Financial Solution               suitable for him, considering his age, needs,dreams & risk profile.

3.    Provide comprehensive “Retirement Planning Solution” to customers of all age groups.


Our Values:                                                                                       

1.    To be Ethical in all our practices.                                                                                 

2.    To always put the client’s interest ahead of ours.

3.    To provide the highest standard of service at any cost.

4.    To maintain a healthy and long term relationship with all our valued customers.

5.    To be transparent in all our dealings.


Fin Plan India was founded by J.Parthasarathy in May 2006. Based out of Chennai, it is in the business of providing Financial Planning Services to its customers. We provide a range of Financial & Advisory services including:


Comprehensive Financial Planning – Child care education, Marriage Planning, Financial goals, Retirement Planning, etc.


Risk Management & Insurance- Identification & review of Insurance needs in Life Insurance and General Insurance.


Investment Planning- Mutual Funds, Fixed Deposits, Debentures, Gold, etc,


Wealth Management - To provide an apt solution to invest money in appropriate investment channels while achieving tax efficiencies and increasing returns.


Plenty of our clients have experienced the benefits of a complete financial plan.  This list varies from young and just married to middle aged and people on the verge of retirement.  We have the experience and knowledge to draft a plan for individuals and take them through to achieve the desired goals. Clients are assured of holistic advice based on their needs & dreams. We work on fee based & commission based financial planning models that are extended to other areas of advisory services. 


Profile of Mr. J.Parthasarathy:


J. Parthasarathy is a Financial Expert by education & experience. His mission is to help individuals &families develop financial objectives, & pursue those objectives through customized financial plans. This helps them realise their dreams & Financial goals at different stages in life.


He is a Mechanical Engg. Graduate from “The College of Engg.”, Guindy, Chennai belonging to the 1978 batch. He has also done his PGDBA in Marketing & Finance from LIBA, Chennai.


 Currently, Mr. Parthasarathy has qualified himself as an Associate Financial Planner (AFP)-Retirement Planning which is part of the (CFP) certification. Certified Financial Planner (CFP) is a course in Financial Planning, conducted by the “Financial Planning & Standards Board (FPSB)”, India with its Office in Mumbai & is affiliated to FPSB at Denver, USA.

 He regularly conducts Retirement Counselling Programmes at Anna Institute of Management for State Govt. employees who are on the verge of retirement.

 As part of “Investment Planning”, Mr. Parthasarathy has qualified himself as a Mutual Fund advisor under AMFI (ARN 37286). Operating as an Advisor since May ’06, he currently has over 100 customers with AUM (Assets under management) close to Rs.6.00 Crores. He also has an NCFM qualification in “Capital Markets”.


As part of “Risk Management & Insurance”, Mr. Parthasarathy is a qualified advisor for Life and General Insurance and represents LIC, Royal Sundaram, Star Health, etc. doing business with them for the last five years.


Mr. J. Parthasarathy believes in helping people plan their lives and secure the future of their loved ones. His only ambition through his financial counselling & planning services is to support individuals with goals and ambitions by understanding their needs, their dreams & desires. Further he takes stock of their existing investments, based on which he pushes people to break their financial paradigms and truly start leveraging their financial assets to gain better prospects. The idea is to help one see the future, and then plan backwards to live a financially fulfilled life with their loved ones.